25 Most Popular Teen Bedroom Ideas For Boys & Girls

Browse our most popular bedroom room ideas for teens.

Are you in search of teen bedroom room ideas? Well, you might be in luck. Because, here are you will be able to find 25 cool Bedroom Ideas for teens, and some for younger or older kids.

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My Tip:

And from one parent to another... you probably should start talking to your kid. Because your teenager has guaranteed a somewhat different view of his or her bedroom than you ever will.

Further you should consider:

That with the advancement of your child’s age. Your child should be actively involved in the decision-making process and changes of its room.
Here is a little post that can help with this…

Therefore, I suggest making this a challenge and expose your kid to some out of the box thinking.

This in turn might help you to get your teenager excited about the project. Because the following teen bedroom ideas are not the same old boring sleep & study room solutions, it’s where your teenager gets away from the world of needs and rules.

To your child are only a few locations available. As to where a teenager can reveal themselves, & relax.

The bedroom is the teens only leading option.

The appeal of being a teenager is that the world is their oyster.

Their preferred things are varied and in some cases discordant, but with some preparation, all concepts can connect together perfectly.

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Bedroom room ideas for teens #1

So when you are discussing the teen bedroom ideas, it is the most essential thing to keep in mind that their bedroom is an expression of who they are.

Today’s teenagers are more design-conscious and much more up to date on the newest patterns. You can probably tell by their every day actions how much they are torn in between youth and their adult years.

Most teenagers are attached to a beloved toys or a favorite blanket.

You may not be prepared to quit as a parent. However, you will have to help them find a space that’s older and more advanced than their current youth space.

A Multi-Purpose Room, this is more than simply a sleeping area.

Teen bedroom room ideas #2 A Multi-Purpose Room, this is more than simply a sleeping area.
Bedroom room ideas for teens #2 the multipurpose room

Most teenagers will value any method, to freely express themselves in their space.

Help them to create their self-contained own, mini home.

The space where they can spend the majority of their time however they like.
No matter the size, a teen’s bedroom needs to be flexible enough for them to expand.

However, if you are dealing with a small bedroom here are my favorite space-saving ideas

And get homework done, hang with good friends, lounge and sleep, all while reflecting their character.

The following teen bedroom ideas consist of functions particular to their age, along with a great look.

While we old grownups choose an area that’s calm and understated, teenagers value vibrant, high energy rooms.

You might want to keep the following teenager bed room ideas in mind.

Hitting the wall with Bold Design works as bedroom ideas for teens as well.

Teen bedroom room ideas #3 Kids_Room_Idea_By_JaylineDecor,
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Teen bedroom room ideas #3 is a Kids_Room_Idea_By_JaylineDecor

As they begin exploring their self-reliance, having a space where they can hang out, study and lounge with buddies is almost more crucial to them than sleep.

And the social element of a space is huge.
According to a survey of international teenagers by smartgirl.org:

The # 1 thing a teen would include to their space is a poster or pictures of themselves with their pals.

You should work with your teenager to creatively resolve the following areas in their space:

  • Sleep location
  • Study location
  • Location to lounge with good friends

Use innovative methods to fulfill their multi-purpose space if small area is from concern.

Some small teen bedroom concepts for creating a flexible, but small space consist of:

A vertically oriented study location. To recreate the look above, produce a small surface area for writing and make use of vertical space above and below the table surface for storage and other products.

  • Cork boards or magnetic dry remove boards can clear the little desk surface area.
  • A small bench versus the bed’s foot-board might be an excellent, flexible lounge.
  • Add a few toss pillows and a rug in a corner for a lounge area if space is a challenge.
  • Place the bed lengthwise against a wall, daybed design. Add mosquito netting or fabric to create a unique lounge and sleeping combination.
  • Nix the bed frame and include a headboard decal on the wall to conserve area.
  • A sofa table is narrow enough to deal with and makes a terrific desk for little spaces.

Bedroom ideas for teens – Modern Bedroom

Kids Room In 2019 Trend Color - Teen bedroom room ideas # 4
Kids Room In 2019 Trend Color – Teen bedroom ideas # 4

While adults choose a space that’s calm and understated, teens value vibrantly colored, high energy spaces.

The wall is the biggest location you can work with in a bedroom. Some of the finest teen bedroom ideas include the walls.

Here is one of my favorite:

Montessori_Floor_Bed Teen bedroom room ideas # 5
Montessori_Floor_Bed Teen bedroom room ideas # 5

Personalize & add customized printed wall treatment

Pin Boards are part bof the wall in Teen bedroom room ideas #6
Pin Boards Teen bedroom ideas #6

Detachable wall decals

Detachable wall decals can be part of Teen bedroom room ideas #7
Detachable wall decals part of Teen bedroom room ideas #7


Customized paint or a graffiti wall treatment for a metropolitan style.

Teen bedroom room ideas # 8 - Atlas Pin-Board @ pbteen.com
Teen bedroom ideas # 8 – Atlas Pin-Board @ pbteen.com

Preferred words in neon or light.

neon or light Teen bedroom room ideas # 9
neon or light Teen bedroom room ideas # 9

Teenage Girls Bedroom Ideas

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Throw Pillows

No home decor is complete without throwing a Couple Of Pillows Around

Nothing includes color like throw pillows. Choose solids for a floral print or colorful, patterned pillows for a strong color chair or sofa.

This is simply one of many home decorating concepts that will not just include a brilliant splash of color, but will also add convenience to your teenagers seating & lounging.

Toss a Couple Of Pillows Around

Clearance-Sale Ankola-Soft-Plush-Pillowcase-Stuffed

Complete your perfect Teen room design and set your decorative pillows with comforters that will keep your teen warm and cozy while revealing your private style.

Include a touch of whimsical romance with ruched and tufted comforters in pastels to reveal your feminine style of your teenage girl

Or choose some European sophistication with black and white comforters that produce a stunning background for your teen boy bedroom style.

And work well with any accent colors you enjoy. Metallic and sequin detailing include pops of flash and shimmer any place you place use pillows.


Add a modern feel and inspire your inner interior designer with vibrant geometric shapes that include dimension and a brand-new level of visual interest to your space. You can likewise include drama with canopies suitable for a princess.

Create a striking teen space piece with a bohemian-inspired physical space that will turn your bedroom into the ultimate retreat as you relax underneath it.

Teenage Girls Bedroom Ideas

Teen girl bedroom room ideas # 11 from rooms to go.
Teen girl bedroom room ideas # 11 from rooms to go.
Teen girl bedroom room idea # 12 from Traditional home
Teenager bedroom idea # 12 from Traditional home

Here Are some Cool Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas

StarWars Themed Room

Teen bedroom ideas # 13 StarWars teen boy bedroom room ideas from rooms to go
Teen bedroom ideas # 13 Star Wars. Great bedroom ideas for teenage boys from rooms to go.

NFL Sports Themed Rooms are awesome teenager bedroom ideas.

Rooms to go teen boy bedroom room ideas # 14 – NFL
Rooms to go teen boy bedroom ideas # 14 – NFL
Rooms to go teen boy bedroom room ideas # 15 – Baseball , Football, Basketball styles available
Rooms to go teen boy bedroom room ideas # 15 – Baseball Glove Chair click for details

Fun Teen Bedroom Ideas

To add something unique to your teens bedroom you could include:

The helicopter bed

A Helicopter as Bed is a great bedroom idea for teens
A helicopter bed Teen bedroom ideas # 16

Restful and quiet are good, general ideas for most adult bedroom style, but teenagers prefer a bedroom that’s enjoyable and a signature of who they are.

The primary action to what character element a teen wishes to reveal through their space was “imaginative”, but cool come in nearly last. Strong, creative components will thrill a teen like absolutely nothing else.

To add some other unique teen bedroom ideas and fun to a room you could include:

An artistic light fixture,

Customized storage space

A creative swing,

A hanging chair or

How about gym room?!

Even the in the teenager spaces used color palette can be as individual as below.

a gym room Teen bedroom room ideas # 17 what a cool bedroom paint idea
A gym room is Teen bedroom room ideas # 17 what a cool bedroom paint idea

You should also note the tray ceiling to install the recessed lights and the special light fixture.

A Hanging Bed can also be a great twist

A hanging bed Teen bedroom room ideas # 18 What a great bonus room idea
A hanging bed Teen bedroom room ideas # 18 great bonus room idea

Include a chalkboard wall so there is a space where they can express themselves.

Please Note: There Is more than Black….

Nowadays chalkboard paint is available in many colors. And some teens may actually prefer a dry eraser board.

chalkboard wall where they can express themselves is Teen bedroom room ideas # 19
Teen bedroom ideas # 19

Fabrics & Texture In Bedroom Ideas For Teens.

Naturally drawn to feel-good fabrics and textures, be sure to add some touchy-feely components
Teen bedroom ideas #20 love the pendant lights.

Wallpaper Mural Tricks: How to Choose & Install

You can personalize any interior space with wallpaper & murals. There are tons of companies that focus on this specialty product.

Further you can find some that will let you send in any photo, artwork, illustration. Or anything you can think of, and turn it into a wallpaper mural for you.

Slides, digital images, high-resolution computer graphics files, original paintings or drawings, all work fantastic.

Most of these businesses will send you a small sample of what the completed mural will look like.

So you can see if it is going to match your room decoration and guarantee it is the quality you anticipate.

It’s a matter of fact. That Wallpaper Murals are back in trend for Kids Rooms and the common designs are fairy tales, animals, fish, ballet and sports.

About The Mural Installation

After your kids and you settled on the design. You’ll have to measure the target walls with and height to order the correct size.

It is important that you take your time and follow the supplied instructions thoroughly.

In general there are four steps to install your mural:

  1. Preparing the Wall Surface,
  2. Mixing & Preparing the Adhesive,
  3. Application or Hanging, and
  4. Drying.

Because adhesive types differ from one to another manufacturer, these steps will be detailed in the guidelines that should arrive with your mural.

Regardless where you order. Your wallpaper mural will come in panels.

My tip to you is to lay out the panels on the floor in the appropriate order before you start.

However, make sure that you don’t block yourself in a corner. Stay well away from the installation area.

Because the placement of the very first panel identifies the general appearance of the finished mural, take additional time and care to position it properly.

I suggest marking a horizontal & level pencil line across the wall. Now you can line up the top of your bottom panels.

And if the layout of your panels has only single full height panels. Get you a plum pencil line where your first panel should end.

For example if you panel is 36″ and you suppose to install like usually from left to right. Measure 36″ from the left wall in 3 spots (upper, middle and bottom) and mark it with a pencil.

Now take a level and draw a pencil line from the mark that is closest to the left wall (check the level bubble at the end )

Just one more thing about Photo Murals

Once you installed the mural and gave it time to dry. You could easily add a third dimension to the theme.

For example if your daughter went for the motive of a Horse in its staple looking out, you could install a sliding Barn-Door on this wall.

Plush Bedding Just For Girls

Plush bedding is part of Teen bedroom room ideas # 21
Plush bedding is part of Teen bedroom room ideas # 21

What Customer said about the LIFEREVO Luxury Plush Shaggy Duvet Cover Set

I liked the look of this duvet set online but prefer natural fibers over polyester for bedding.

Actually I searched online for something similar made from natural materials before I ended up ordering this one.

LIFEREVO Luxury Plush Shaggy Duvet Cover Set Customer Review.
Order from Amazon the LIFEREVO Luxury Plush Shaggy Duvet Cover Set Current Price (June 2019) is about $93,00

I love it! It arrived very attractively presented. It’s wrapped in a blue bow and sealed in reusable bag with a bonus extra bag with handles.

The duvet and the pillowcase exceeded my expectations. So snugly soft and beautiful. Further its lighter color than I expected, almost silver gray.

It’s very lightweight which I like. I have a very lightweight silk duvet inside. It would also be great for snuggling on the couch or making a nest on the floor when my grand-kids come over for movie night.

The color could be nautical gray or steel, very neutral so it goes with just about anything. Beautiful, versatile, comfortable and did I mention snugly. Exceeds expectations. It’s delightful.

Room Themes & Bunks

Pirate Theme With Built in Bunk in Bedroom room ideas for teenage boys # 22
Pirate Theme With Built in Bunk – Bedroom room ideas for teenage boys # 22

Shark Side Bay

Beach – Shark Bedroom Theme Teen bedroom room ideas # 23
Beach – Shark Bedroom Theme Teen bedroom ideas # 23

Are you looking for something a little more settled? Well, we do have this post with our most popular bedroom design ideas.


Let’s face it, teenagers and orderly rooms are an unusual combination. Unpleasant rooms appear to be a teen’s rite of passage.

Excellent storage options will be the best feature they didn’t think they needed but will value.

Office Style Room Design Teen bedroom room ideas # 24
Office Style Room Design Teen bedroom room ideas # 24

Having places to keep all their things, even if it’s as simple as quickly tossing them in a drawer or chest, keeps their space neat quickly.

Essential storage items in a space include:

  1. Dressers.
  2. Shelving.
  3. Under-the-bed storage bins.
  4. Storage benches or storage ottomans.
  5. A cabinet wall around the bed.

Make storage fun for your teen, much like you would for all teen bedroom ideas.

Combining function with your teenager’s distinct personality will produce a Space they will love for many years to come.


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