Eco Light Wall Art Canvas Bundle Mountains In Springtime

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Items included: 1. Mountains in Springtime 60 X 90 cm. 2. Adorable Living Room and Bedroom Pink Collage Set of 4 (2 pieces X 30 X 30 cm, 2 pieces X 20 X 20 cm). Total surface covered: 90 X 130 cm
BEAUTIFUL PRECISION ARTWORK – Each Eco Light Wall Art home art decor including canvas prints, wall murals and glass art are made in the Transylvania using both handcrafted art and the advanced Mimaki printing machine with precision detail.
BOLD ECOLIGHT TECHNOLOGY – This gorgeous fine art collection is incredible wall décor because it offers vibrant, welcoming coloring during the day, and up to 8 hours of soft glow-in-the-dark luminescence at night.



Product Details:

  • Framed & Stretched Canvas Art Print
  • High-Definition Printing
  • Dual-View Illuminated Technology
  • Luminous Lasts Up to 8 Hours
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use

Dual-View Eco Light
Experience unforgettable fine art prints with dual view eco light technology! Dual-view paintings are high-resolution printings that absorb light all the way through the day and emit a calming low-light glowing effect at night, giving you two completely unique pieces of art in one.

The lighting images charge with luminous energy from any source of natural or artificial light, after a previous exposure of 25 minutes approximately. The process requires no work from you! Just choose the best place, hang your canvas and then at night, observe the stunning new aspect of your new art piece! The very best test is to take the painting into direct sunlight and keep it for 1 minute, then take it to a dark place, with no light. We suggest for viewing the following distance: multiply the diagonal measurement of the picture by 2.5 and enjoy the result!

Pay Attention : Because of different brand of monitors, actual wall art colors may be moderately different from the product image.

Ideal to toughen your decor and style!
You will love our gorgeous pictures in your bedroom, because they act as a gentle, natural and peaceful night light that can assist you fall asleep. They are also great for low lit areas on your home or office, providing just enough light to walk comfortably in the dead of night.

Adorn your home, office or patio with gorgeous art prints that offers a high-definition illuminated design it’s a must to see to consider!

So, what are you waiting for? Get yours now!
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