How TO Measure A Window Size For A Replacement Windows

How to measure and install a replacement window


Believe me or not, I get asked how to measure the window size for a replacement window all the rime…

So I decided to give you a few pointers …
Whenever you order a window the very first measurement is for the with,
the second one is for the height and the 3rd is if consisted of for the thickness or depth of your window.

Measuring the replacement window width:

Procedure between the jambs on 3 exact points: leading, middle and the bottom. Make sure to determine the surface of the jambs (not from the trim strips or parting beads). Use tiniest of these 3 measurements while purchasing your brand-new windows.

Determining the height:

Start measuring from the high pint of the sill and go up to the top of the window opening. Once this is done, make 3 measurement: one at the left side, one at the center of the opening and one last at the right-hand man corner of the window. As soon as once again, you have to use the smallest of these three measurements when you go to put order for your brand-new window.

Determining the depth:

Typically you wont require this because uou will have set new trim and stops anyway.
Further a replacement window usually will be installed into the existing window housing.

So you have to ignore all the wheels and parting strips.
To get a precise procedure for the depth of the window.

Nevertheless, this can be an important measurement if to replacing your windows. Keep in mind that there have to be at least 3, 1/4th inches of opening depth between the within window trim and outdoors blind stop strip. You require a minimum of this much room to get (slide in) the brand-new replacement window.

Pro Tip:

While you are looking for replacement windows I would recommend to look into Energy Savings, single sash, Vinyl Windows.
Talk to your local office about tax breaks when using particular  windows.
Single sash windows let you only move the bottom window sash while the top one is fixed in location. That makes the window a good deal cheaper. And produces a fantastic conserving if you replace like 20-30 windows in your house.
The Vinyl window is presently the most resilient and simplest to maintain window.

And at last if you prefer a grid (window cross or multiple panes) I suggest you decide out for a window that has the grid sandwiched into the glass.
Since it is easier to clean up and in the long term the grid won’t break.

That”s all that is to it.

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Now you know How to measure the window size for a replacement window…so go ahead and order one.

Below I’ll explain how to install it.

How To Install A Replacement Window

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